Steel Furniture

Steel Furniture

  • Steel Telephone Cabinet Open Compartment on Top, One Shelf and One Door with or Without an Oak Top

    Steel Telephone Cabinet

    This cabinet is ideal to be used in an office environment, what make this cabinet exceptional is not only is it suitable for an office environment, but can be used in harsh working environments due to its manufacturing process and material that consist...
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  • Steel Mediterranean Freestanding L-Extension, Link and Mediterranean Desk with Three Drawers in Ivory

    Mediterranean Freestanding L extension

    The Mediterranean Freestanding L extension is the superb unit to extend your desk length and can even be used as a table on its own. It is steel manufactured boasting strength and lasting durability making it ideal for harsh working environments...
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  • Steel Mediterranean Sliding Door Credenza with Shelf in Ivory

    Mediterranean Sliding door credenza

    The Mediterranean Sliding door credenza comes standard with 1 shelf, giving you an appropriate storage device. What’s exceptional about this credenza is that, you can make use of it in distinctive ways. It can be used as a table, as well as a desk...
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  • Steel Single Mesh Hook

    Single Mesh Hook

    This unit is steel manufactured to boast strength and lasting durability. This entity is exceptional to use as a hanging rail for products in several stores. What makes this object superb is that u can basically use it for anything, as an example, u can...
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  • Steel Double Mesh Hook

    Double Mesh Hook

    This double mesh hook is design to be used as hanging rails for products in several stores and can be useful for basically anything that needs to be hanged. This object can be use at home for a variety of purposes. This unit is steel manufactured to...
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  • Steel Single Pegboard Hook

    Single Pegboard Hook

    This unit is a phenomenal to use for displaying products in stores and is suitable for a variety of businesses. It is useful for basically anything that needs to be hanged. This object is perfect for home purposes, and especially in bathrooms to hang...
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  • Steel Double Pegboard Hook

    Double Pegboard Hook

    The double pegboard hook is useful for basically anything that needs to be hanged and is phenomenal to use for displaying products in stores. What’s exceptional about this product is that you adjust the height by placing exactly where you find it...
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  • Steel Versishelf

    Steel Versishelf

    The versishelf is exceptionally suitable to be used for health care, catering, offices retail etc. The shelf is steel manufactured to boasts longevity and lasting durability. The shelves are height adjustable and can be delivered in knock down form. A...
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  • Steel Utility Trolleys

    Steel Utility Trolley

    This device is manufactured with high quality steel to ensure sturdiness and durability. It’s exceptional to use for indoor transporting of goods. You’re guaranteed effortless moving through doorways, across factory floors and around...
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  • Wooden Wall Mounted Shelving Left Hand Side Wooden Wall Mounted Shelving

    Wall Mounted Shelving

    Wall mounted shelving is use full for a variety of purposes and can be used anywhere required, whether it’s at home or at the office. It’s deliberately exceptional for stores to make use of mounted shelves to display their products in an...
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