Laminator Consumables

Laminator Consumables

Laminator Consumables: Enhancing Durability and Presentation of your Documents

Preserving important documents and enhancing their appearance is made easy with the use of laminating machines. To ensure the smooth operation of your laminator and achieve professional results, the category of Laminator Consumables offers a range of essential products. These consumables are designed to enhance the durability and presentation of your documents.

One key product within the Laminator Consumables category is the Laminating Self Adhesive ID Tags and Clips. Ideal for identification purposes, these tags and clips provide a secure way to attach laminated badges and identification cards to clothing or other surfaces. With a package of six in each set, these tags and clips offer exceptional value and can be easily applied with a simple peel-and-stick method.

Another essential product in this category is the Laminating Pouches, available in different sizes and micron thicknesses. For larger documents, the A3 Laminating Pouches, measuring 305x426mm, offer excellent protection and rigidity with a glossy finish and 160 (80+80) microns thickness. The A4 Laminating Pouches, on the other hand, are perfect for standard-sized papers and come in options of 200 (100+100) and 160 (80+80) microns thicknesses, providing the ideal level of sturdiness and clarity.

For those in need of alternative options, the Laminator Consumables category also offers Cold Adhesive Laminating Pouches. These pouches provide a mess-free and heat-free way to laminate sensitive documents or materials that may be negatively affected by heat. With a pack of ten pouches, each measuring 220 x 307mm and 200 x 75 microns, you can effortlessly laminate without compromising the integrity of your items.

Regardless of whether you need consumables for personal, professional, or educational purposes, the Laminator Consumables category guarantees to meet your laminating needs. With easy-to-use pouches and other accessories, you can effortlessly protect your important documents from wear and tear while adding a sleek and professional touch. These consumables are designed specifically for compatibility with laminating machines, ensuring a hassle-free laminating experience.

Experience convenience, reliability, and exceptional quality with the Laminator Consumables category. Choose from a wide range of products, including laminating pouches in various sizes and thicknesses, as well as self-adhesive ID tags and clips. Elevate the longevity and visual appeal of your documents through laminating, knowing that you have selected consumables that are meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled results.
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