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The Magnetic Map Pins category offers a diverse range of high-quality and versatile pins specifically designed for mapping and charting needs. This category showcases a wide array of pins with different sizes, colors, and packaging options that cater to various requirements for marking and highlighting vital locations, routes, or points of interest on any map or chart.

A prominent product in this category is the Magnetic Map Pins (4 Per Card - Assorted - Size: 30mm). These pins are crafted with functionality as a priority, featuring a magnetic backing that enables secure attachment to any magnetic surface. The assorted colors not only enhance the visual appeal of maps but also ensure clear visibility and easy identification of different points.

For those seeking smaller pins, the Magnetic Map Pins (6 Per Card - Assorted - Size: 16mm) provide a compact alternative. Despite their smaller size, these pins are just as effective and reliable as their larger counterparts. With their magnetic properties and assortment of colors, they are perfect for marking precise locations and organizing information on smaller-scale maps or charts.

Another notable product is the Magnet Map Pins (25 Box - Size: 16mm) available in black, green, red, white, and yellow colors. These pins come conveniently packed in a box of 25, making them ideal for larger mapping projects or businesses requiring a bulk supply. Their size ensures visibility without overpowering the map, and the range of colors allows for color-coded organization and differentiation.

Moreover, the Magnetic Map Pins (2 Per Card - Assorted - Size: 36mm) offer a larger option for marking significant points or landmarks on larger maps or charts. With increased visibility, these pins effortlessly attract attention to essential information.

Overall, the Magnetic Map Pins category caters to the needs of individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and organizations seeking an efficient and reliable way to mark and identify information on maps and charts. With their magnetic properties, diverse sizes, and vibrant colors, these pins offer convenience, versatility, and ease of use in any mapping or charting endeavor.
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