Medium Back Chairs

Paula Medium Back Chair

The Paula Medium-back Chair is so versatile it could be used for a number of purposes within the office setting. If you don't require wheels or swivel capabilities, it's a good general office chair, however, it really comes into its own as a stylish...

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Kingston Medium Back Chair

The Kingston Mid Back awards exceptional back rest space for a mid-back of its petite size. Along with this, it also boasts high-end ergonomic features that will ensure superior comfort for hours. These features include a swivel and tilt mechanism with...

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Morant Medium Back Chair

The Morant medium back chair comes with a standard swivel and tilt mechanism allowing the single shell chair to tilt backwards. The Morant Medium - Back is an interesting aesthetic, it also awards it with exceptional comfort. Its back rest...

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Venus Medium Back Chair

The Venus medium back is perfect for office use and provides complete support and comfort.  This chair ensures greater comfort and durability.     Standard Features: Swivel & Tilt Mechanism Gas height Adjustment 640 mm Black...

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Paula Loop Arm Medium Back Chair

The Paula Loop Arm Medium Back Chair is a simple, understated mid back that offers tons of comfort and convenience. Its traditional aesthetics makes it incredibly versatile and an excellent blank canvas for upholstering as you please. Its medium...

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Zambezi Medium Back Chair

The Zambezi Medium Back offers everything that you need in an effective office chair. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s also constructed from the most reliable materials, and offers high-end comfort and support. Behind its sleek design,...

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Montego Medium Back Chair

The Lisa Mid Back boasts an impressively spacious back rest for a chair of its size. Its wide, netted back allows for added comfort, as well as breathable air circulation that keeps you cool. A large high density foam seat promises to remain supportive...

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Calypso Fixed Medium Back Chair

For a mid-back chair, the Calypso Medium Back Chair is incredibly impressive. Its back rest is tall and supportive, and boasts a gentle inward curve right where the lower spine needsit. Its high density foam seat slopes ever so slightly to behind the...

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Milly Medium Back Chair

The Milly Chair is a simple yet stylish, which embodies the beauty and functions of the chair, not to mention that its very comfortable.   Standard Features  Contract Fabric. Swivel And Tilt Mechanism. Gas height...

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Nikki Medium Back Chair

The Nikki Mid Back Chair is perfect for the cool and contemporary executive. Its back is slim and straight with an interesting curvature near the lower back which adds just enough visual interest. Its seat is comprised of hardy high density foam that...

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Concorde Operators Chair

An office operator chair needs to be easily manoeuvrable, durable, and ergonomically enhanced. Concorde operators are all the above and more! Despite its practicality, the Concorde Operator is also elegantly stylish due to its back rest’s stich and...

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Salvador Medium Back Chair

The Salvador Mid Back Chair is an excellent all-round office chair. Whether you seek a small executive chair, or a comfortably stylish operator chair, the Salvador Mid Back is a great option. Its back single horizontal stitch detail, and ruching award it...

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