Finding the Best School Furniture

Finding the Best School Furniture

School Furniture: Not All Furniture is Built the Same

What type of impression does it create on parents and children when they come into the classroom only to be greeted by old, worn out, and uncomfortable school desks and chairs? A very bad one! When it comes to buying good quality furniture, schools in South Africa need to rise to the occasion.

Schools need to upgrade their furniture to foster a comfortable learning environment. If students feel uneasy using the furniture, they are likely not to learn. For instance, a chair that is bent out of shape and that clearly needs to be replaced will lead to poor posture and strained muscles, whereas new and ergonomically-friendly chairs will encourage proper posture. The same goes for desks.

Students will be spending hours sitting and working on the desk. If school chairs and desks look worse for wear, it makes no sense to keep them around. Your school has a reputation to uphold with the furniture being one of the first things noticed by both parents and children when they enter the classroom. Create a visually appealing classroom by investing in premium quality school desks and chairs.

The Different Types of School Desks

Following are the different types of school desks schools can invest in:

1.Single Desks

Provide each student with his or her own desk. If you do not want students to sit together on one table, but have their own desk to work, a single desk is a good option.

2.Double Desks

Encourage teamwork and collaboration among students by opting for double desks. These types of desks are especially useful for subjects that require students to work in teams, such as science.

3.Combination Desks

These are not like your usual combination desks where there is one chair attached to a desk. These combination desks combine the bench and desk concept, allowing more than one student to sit. If you get the combination desks for school, you save money on buying chairs.

4.Box Desks

Box desks provide students with storage space to place their books. It keeps the desk clear of clutter and allows students to pay attention to the teacher and the lesson without getting distracted by a messy desk. If they need a book, they do not have to reach inside their bag to find it but can quickly take it from the under the desk.

What Do All These School Desks Have in Common?

Single desks, double desks, and combination desks, except for box desks, which are only available for students from grade one to grade eight, are available for students from grade one to grade twelve. Most of the school desks in this collection are made from supawood with a few made from salinga.

Each desk features a steel frame with 25mm round 1.2mm thick tubing and powder-coated legs. Let us learn more about the two different types of woods used to create the school furniture and tell you why powder-coated legs are better than spray painted legs.

Supawood and Salinga

  • Supawood

Supawood is a high-density particle-board used to create a large variety of things, including school furniture. It is a wood-based panel designed using small wood fibers joined to each other with heat, resin, and pressure. Supawood gives you all the benefits of real wood because it offers good consistency and screw holding ability and allows for several woodworking techniques, such as edge profiling, deep routing, embossing, and more.

  • Salinga

Salinga is genuine wood and a species of timber. This wood is used to create school desks, benches, flooring, and laboratory counters. An interesting fact about this wood is that due to its water consumption, it has been labeled as an unwanted species, which is why it has become one of the most commonly used woods for furniture.

Powder-Coated Legs vs. Spray Painted Legs
  • ØPowder-coated legs are an environmentally-friendly choice because it emits very few or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere while spray painted legs are not eco-friendly.
  • ØPowder coating allows for a uniform finish, whereas spray painted legs is applied as liquid and tends to run and lead to a dripped finish.
  • ØWith powder-coated legs, the paint is baked on to allow for an extremely durable and corrosion resistant finish while spray painted legs can get easily scratched, chipped, and come off.
Combine School Desks with School Chairs

Except for combination desks, schools can pair single, double, and box desks with standard, traditional, poly shell, and solid plastic back chairs (Integra and Alpine Chairs). School can choose between virgin plastic chairs (color plastic chairs) and recycled plastic chairs (black and charcoal chairs).

School administrations looking for affordable and high quality school furniture should explore the collection of Office Stock. Office Stock is the home to the best school furniture. They also create office and lab furniture. 

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