6 Questions to Ask Before Buying School Furniture Online

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying School Furniture Online

Are you confused about whether you can trust online furniture vendors or not? Maybe you are wondering what can be the tips for getting the best quality furniture from online sites. And you want to know how much can be the risk of not getting delivered to the table as per your expectations? So, you are at the right place; we will discuss what you should keep in mind before ordering school furniture for your school online. The first thing I would emphasize is this that rule out this thing that you should not opt for online furniture shopping. Since the world has gone digital, not only just online shopping every aspect of life is digitized now, be it online lectures in the universities, online high schools, online banking, ordering food, and even to move around different places we put our trust on online cabs that are considered to be more secure than the cabs you find on the roadsides. Let’s discuss what you should keep in mind to buy furniture online.


“Everything I build is going to last a lifetime– generations. And it’s always going to hold its’ value, too.” – Chad Woodruff (Vermont furniture craftsman)

A nicely built furniture can serve you for more than a decade and, in other words, a whole generation. Among various other aspects of furniture, the most important is its durability. It should have good strength, scratch-resistant to a certain extent, and should be durable. This should bear the pressure or tensile stress, so it won’t be deformed. It’s best to get a warranty for your furniture, e.g., Rust-resistant or against cracks in wooden furniture.


If you choose the wrong size of the furniture, this can result in making the students sit in the wrong postures. This can lead to several physical issues, including back pain, spine issues, and bad posture. So, it’s essential to keep in mind that what can be the best-suited size for different age groups. There can also be other diversities like weight. Some sick students could demand some comfy chairs or separate chairs for lefties if the desk is on the right side only, etc. So,either the desks and chairs should have adjustable sizes or should be readily provided in different sizes.

3.Health and Safety

Health and Safety should be a top priority. Choose among the furniture that would be safe to use in an unsafe classroom, even top institutes can struggle to engage students.


4. Your affordability:

The first thing you need to think about all kinds of shopping is what’s in your pocket. If your budget is high, it’s more specific that you can get a quality product by choosing some well-reputed brand that takes orders online. Your first practice should still be to compare prices from different furniture stores online. Do not worry. Even if you have a medium to low budget, you can shop for the good stuff. You have a great option to choose from consignment furniture online stores, and they usually put pictures of furniture from all perspectives to have an idea of their condition. If you have an even further lower budget, you can choose online selling sites like OLX, where you have to pay the seller directly rather than both seller and the third party like in consignment stores. Sometimes with little refurbishing, you can make it look new.

5. Mobility and functionality

It is worth mentioning that unlike home furniture, school furniture should have this design element that can make them suitable for mobility. While there might be a need to fix immobile benches and chairs for outdoor use to avoid theft, mobile furniture needs like chairs. Classrooms are often transformed by changing sitting arrangements etc. So to deal with these dynamics, classrooms should have such furniture that serves this purpose.

6. Appealing and fit-for-purpose Designs:

The furniture design should be such that it matches the interior to give classrooms a dazzling look. Alluring classrooms are mood boosters for kids and can increase their interest and engagement in studies. Meanwhile, from a design perspective, one other thing to be considered is whether it’s serving the purpose. It should be spotted and notified that either you are ordering for indoor or outdoor use. For outdoor use, the material should be moisture resistant and UV stable plastic.

02.04.21 Mary Jean

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